The Trichotomous Exploration

Across Europe children are being forced onto the streets to beg and steal. They come from one of the poorest communities in Europe - the Romanian Gypsies.

Documenting the strong pacifist roots of the Holiness-Pentecostal faith— roots largely forgotten in the 21st century.

BBC Documentary 2012 - The Magical Forest

Secrets of Our Living Planet showcases the incredible ecosystems that make life on Earth possible. Using beautifully shot scenes in the wild, Chris Packham reveals the hidden wonder of the creatures that we share the planet with, and the intricate, clever and bizarre connections between the species, without which life just could not survive.

Discover previously unknown relationships, like why a tiger needs a crab, or why a gecko needs a giraffe. Each week Chris visits one of our planet’s most vital and spectacular habitats and dissects it to reveal the secrets of how our living planet works

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